Wild Treasure is a jewelry design studio located in Taipei, established in 2015. Designer Meng Jie was originally an industrial designer but later found out that creating arts and crafts with her bare hands from zero to one was a process that satisfied her and made her the happiest. Her design inspiration often comes from nature, vintage, and folk styles. She appreciates very much the organic shapes and enjoys the inconstancy of the natural material; she believes the jewelry created based on these materials is full of vitality and can be connected with everyday life, even soothe and give pleasure to one’s heart as if a wild treasure is found in the civilization.

Wild Treasure 野寶 是一間位於台北的飾品設計工作室,成立於2015年。設計師孟潔原本從事工業設計,但後來發現能用自己的雙手從零開始創作,到將作品完整呈現給人們的整個過程,才是最讓她感到開心且滿足的事。創作靈感大多來自大自然、古董及民族風格,也非常欣賞有機造型以及享受天然素材的不定性,認為以此創作出的飾品富有生命力且能與日常結合,甚則撫慰人心,就如同在文明中找到大自然寶物般令人歡喜。