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Smoky Memories Earrings 煙灰色記憶耳環

NT$ 2,680.00

The cracked firewood was put into a century-old black iron fireplace. The smoke of the fire rose from the dark gray chimney and blended into the sky calmly. Slightly pungent and smoky smell permeates the house, but the heart is calm and warm, enjoying a sense of belonging in a different place.

  • Material: Sterling Silver, Freshwater pearl and Agate
  • Earring Post Material: Sterling Silver
  • Clip-On Material: Sterling Silver
  • Measurements: Length 13.3 cm; Width 10 cm

乾裂的柴放入百年歷史的黑鐵壁爐,爐火的煙由深灰色煙囪裊裊升起,從容無邊地融入天空。微微刺鼻熏味瀰漫屋子 ,心卻安安暖暖的,在異地享受著歸屬感。

  • 材質:925純銀、天然淡水珍珠、瑪瑙
  • 耳針材質:925純銀
  • 耳夾材質:925純銀
  • 尺寸:長約 13.3 cm;寬約 10 cm
  • 售價為一對耳環



所有商品為接單訂製,黃銅、純銀商品製作時間約為 7-10 個工作日(不含假日),電鍍18K商品至少需要21個工作日。請您耐心等候,非常感謝您的體諒!



Every product is made to order, brass and sterling silver product requires 7-10 working days (excluding holidays), 18K gold-plated product requires at least 21 working days. Thank you for your patience.

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Every pair of ear clips come with a pair of pads

In order to improve the comfort of wearing ear clips, every pair of ear clips will be provided with a pair of transparent anti-slip silicone pads (not visible when wearing). It is recommended to use glue to fix it on the ear clips, thank you!