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Pine Blossom Earrings with Green Tassels 松花綠流蘇耳環

NT$ 4,280.00

Pine Collection

Pine tree is green all year round. In wintertime, it hibernates to restore energy. It starts budding and growing pine cones in springtime, and silently continues its life cycle. Even though pine trees stand still on the same spots all their life long, they have close relationship with the surrounding creatures. They communicate and support each other, they are as the same as our human society.

In both eastern and western world, there are moral message and spiritual entrustment based on the evergreen pine trees. For example, pine trees are symbolized as longevity, eternity, and chastity in the east; In the west, pine trees are decorated as Christmas trees at home, looking forward to the coming of the spring green and the awakening of life after the dark long winter.

Pine Blossom Earrings with Green Tassels

The crystal in the champagne color series makes colorful refraction when the light shines through, it comes with pieces of irregular flat shaped pearls stringed together that simulates the understated pine blossom which often gets misidentified as pine cones. The exquisite tassel symbolizes the vigorousness of life. The detachable design provides this pair of earrings with two different looks, and they can be matched freely into your ideal style.

  • Material: Brass, Swarovski Crystal, Pearl, Silk
  • Earring Post Material: Sterling Silver
  • Clip-On Material: Brass
  • Measurements: Length 11.5 cm; Width 1.5 cm
  • The tassels are detachable
  • Listing is for a pair






  • 材質:黃銅、施華洛世奇水晶、珍珠、真絲
  • 耳針材質:925純銀
  • 耳夾材質:黃銅
  • 尺寸:長約 11.5 cm;寬約 1.5 cm
  • 流蘇為可拆式設計
  • 售價為一對耳環

SKU: ET18E / ET18C



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Every product is made to order, brass and sterling silver product requires 7-10 working days (excluding holidays), 18K gold-plated product requires at least 21 working days. Thank you for your patience.

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Every pair of ear clips come with a pair of pads

In order to improve the comfort of wearing ear clips, every pair of ear clips will be provided with a pair of transparent anti-slip silicone pads (not visible when wearing). It is recommended to use glue to fix it on the ear clips, thank you!