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14K Gold Fill 注金

14K Gold Fill is constructed in two or three layers. The core metal is jewelers’ brass. A gold alloy is then bonded to one or both surfaces of the brass core with heat and pressure. Unlike plated (aka electroplated or "dipped") metals, Gold-filled is legally required to contain 5% or 1/20 gold by weight. This is a durable material that will not tarnish or chip. It is also safe for those with metal allergies.

14K注金 (14K Gold Filled,簡稱14KGF),是指將 14K 金以機械壓製方式包覆於金屬胎 (如黃銅) 的表面,結合力強且耐磨度高,因此不易脫落,比鍍金 (gold plated) 更耐久。美國 FTC 規定,注金 (Gold Filled) 製品的金屬量至少須等於產品總重量的 1/20 (5%),注金產品具備 K 金質感,不易致敏。